Andre Caetano
Game Developer
I'm a Game Developer and Blockchain Developer,
based on Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I've worked as a freelancer in past 8 years.
Blockchain Development
Smart Contracts using:
Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Ganache and IPFS.
Game Development
Mobile Game Ads, Blockchain-games and
Mobile Games.
PhaserJS 2 and 3, PixiJS
Back and Front Development
Backend NodeJS.
FrontEnd VueJS, React, AngularJS


Mobile game ads
I've made over 150 mobile game ads,
In the last 4 years.
For all mayor brands.

Old Projects
Here some screen-shoots of BRGOL, an old game of my authorship,
That I've worked on for 5 years, back in 2008.
With 40 thousand registered users.
It's an old school browser-game style.
This is some screen-shoots an unfinished project of my authorship.
It's a game based on BRGOL, but focused on international community.
Some images of one small game made in PhaserJS.
Live can be found here:
This is a unfinished isometric socket game. Made in NodeJS and PhaserJS.
And his map editor.


I'm currently available for freelance work.
If you've got an exciting gig, or some cool project.
Please get in touch.
Message me