Andre Caetano
Game Developer


Hi! I'm 27 years old and I'm an Indie Game Developer
Glad to have you spend a short time with me.

I'm an big enthusiastic about gaming developing, really enjoy and have fun in doing it.

During 5 years i worked on my own browser-based game
It's was an very successful Brazilian soccer game. With up 50k players registered.

Currently I'm dedicating to freelancing and open-source projects.
Most of all in Phaser.
Phaser was a big watershed in my gaming career.
I also have a vast knowledge in many languages (front and back-end),
and good level at artwork and animation.

Are you looking for a developer who cares about sprites,
or a very passionated person about game making, in the US, Canada or UK?
I'm both, and if you've got an exciting gig, I'd love to know.