Andre Caetano
Game Developer
I'm a Game Developer and Blockchain Developer,
based on Brazil.

I've worked as a Freelancer / Contractor
in past 10 years.
Mostly companies
from San Fransisco and Berlin.

Blockchain Development
Smart Contracts using:
Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Ganache and IPFS.
Game Development
Mobile Game Ads, Blockchain-games and
Mobile Games.
PhaserJS 2 and 3, PixiJS
Back and Front Development
Backend NodeJS.
FrontEnd VueJS, React, AngularJS


Mobile game ads
I've made over 150 mobile game ads,
In the last 4 years.
For all mayor brands.

Old Projects
Here some screen-shoots of BRGOL, an old game of my authorship,
That I've worked on for 5 years, back in 2008.
With 40 thousand registered users.
It's an old school browser-game style.
This is some screen-shoots an unfinished project of my authorship.
It's a game based on BRGOL, but focused on international community.
Some images of one small game made in PhaserJS.
Live can be found here:
This is a unfinished isometric socket game. Made in NodeJS and PhaserJS.
And his map editor.


I'm currently NOT available for freelance work.
Here's my contact.
I really value my time.
So please make it worth. Thank you.
Message me