Wizard of the shrine is my first Phaser game.
It was made at December 2015.

The challenge part was the art.
Drawing and panting is not my thing.
I had to study a lot to improve my illustration skills

Art software used

  • Paint SAI tool General illustration and sketching.
  • Photoshop UI and sprite editions.
  • Flash Sprite drawing and animations.


  • Phaser Game engine.

General Developing Tools

Here a few 'timelapse' from the artwork :

The whole game development time-wise was 3 months.
The majority of time was spent doing the assets.

Things that i learn from this project

  • This was my first game from Phaser.
    It is a lot better than Flash and it are open-source which is huge.
    But Phaser still missing a few features that Flash have.
  • On Phaser you can create games for mobile, PC, browsers and even consoles.
    You can apply it for the mayor marketplaces like: Steam, Apple Store, Play Store, Amazon Store.

The game


  • Click to cast spell.
  • Press 1 to cast laser beam.
  • Press 2 to cast spell blast.