I really enjoy be part of the open-source community
I have to concept that any software can be so much more powerful
when they are open-source.

It lose to much potential when they aren't.
Is very satisfying watching a project grow by itself, just because it are open-source,
and other devs want to improve it.

Here's a list of open-source projects of my authorship:


  • craft Phaser Utility library with chainable methods
  • phaser-utils Phaser Utility library for game development

Node Modules

  • mysqldump Backup for MySQL
  • pad-rename CLI for renaming multiple files, very useful for sprite animations frames
  • del-half Node CLI for delete half files.
  • img-resize-cli Image resize cli using jimp
  • git-bump-cli CLI for update package version and git tags it
  • copy-random CLI for copy random target files, useful for pick random sprites from a animation
  • flatten-dirname CLI for flatten files to from relative folders. But keep dirname on filename.
  • filename-to-dir CLI for use filenames to create folders schema.
  • shuffle-seed Array Shuffle based on a seed.
  • mq-node MySQL library for node
  • image-scramble Image scrambler based on a seed.
  • swf-build Node builder for .swf files
  • data-creatures Module that return RPG monster names. The idea is expand this kinda module to any category.

Gulp Plugins



Utility projects


Jinx is project that bring package managers (npm) to Flash world.
Making it a modular like
It is a precompiler language of .jinx into .as (ActionScript3)