This is a project i was working at end of 2015.
It was intent to be the a new version of my old Brazilian browser game (BRGOL), but international.

The back-end was write on NodeJS, with a few for chat and events.
The front-end in AngularJS.
On development tools i used: GulpJS, LessCSS and Handlebars.
Version control: Git and Github

For the avatar textures i used gulp.spritesmith
instead of texturepacker making it full automated and more customizable.

The 'score plataform' art, was made on Photoshop and 3dsMax.
And the engine on Phaser



Here a demo functional of the game avatar, made in Phaser
The avatar art i bought from a professional manga artist @moorina
Which i strongly endorse.


  • Chose a gender
  • Select avatar part
  • Select the group of color
  • Select the color
  • Change style by clicking the arrows